Finn Maximus & Schedule Update

We have great news as we have welcomed our 3rd son to the family. We can't wait for you all to meet Finn Maximus McBride and welcome him to our gym family.

Because of this however we have to alter the schedule this week. Below are the details.

Sunday, 7/24 9-12 Open Gym/WOD will be for CrossFit members only and not our On Ramp athletes since Hannah and I will not be able to attend.

Monday 7/25 and Tuesday 7/26 we will not have our 9am or noon classes.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that everyone understands. Feel free to contact me at with questions.

Coach and Athlete Relationship

This is a blurb, from a CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Coach Chris Hinshaw.  I really hope that everyone understands the long term coaching strategy purpose and that we at CrossFit NC are putting into action.  Below are his words as well as a link to the video.

"I think a coach is ultimately responsible for building confidence, and that confidence comes from their work products.  To be good at a 5:20 mile, you have to train a 5:20 mile.  I need to be able to provide something that's challenging, and the athlete is convinced it was.  Any coach can write workouts that will crush atletes, but what you need to do is grow with that athlete and grow with them as their performance improves, and continuously challenge them but make it realistic."


Stop Half Ass-ing Your Daily WOD's

As the open comes to a finish I would like to touch on why it is so important to complete a full rep (RX'd). Not only does it effect your score but your overall strength results.
You have probably heard the phrase quality over quantity. As a coach I would rather see 5 RX'd squats (where the hips are equal to the knee) then 10 partial squats.
Be disciplined in your daily WOD's. If you are doing 100 wall balls for time but can only complete 3 RX'd reps at a time that is OKAY. If you are cheating (not doing full reps) in your daily WOD's it will show in your overall strength, mobility and next year's open results as well.  As coaches it is our job to instruct you through proper form and technique.  If you are instructed to get your butt low or lock out the arms, then DO IT.

ONLY your qualified coaches should be instructing you on your form. I find it DISRESPECTFUL when people who are NOT qualified try to coach. Members/Athletes are here for encouragement and support not correcting your technique. Let the coaches coach and let the CrossFitters CrossFit.

Full reps are more difficult, take more time, and are more fatiguing. And your coaches know this information and they RESPECT your effort!  If you choose to do movements as RX'd (full push-ups instead of knee push ups) but finish 4 minutes slower THAT is OKAY. Your slower time is applauded more than the cheater who was "faster" than you.

By next year's open it will be obvious who decides to push themselves to do the movements as RX'd.  Just don't be the one who doesn't improve from year to year.


If you are scared to try anything learn to face that fear head on.  Many of don't do what we know is the best thing for us all because our fear of letting one of two things down, ourselves or others.  If that fear is with yourself then let it go!  Do not let fear hold you back from making the right decision or creating a better you.  If you are afraid to let someone else down, then it is time to have a discussion with that person.  Let them know what you will be taking on and give them a chance to support you through it.  Remember, at the end of the day it is YOU that is losing out because of this fear and not them.  

We hear so many people say that they are scared to try CrossFit.  I promise that it is not scary if you just give it a try.  If I let my fears control me then I wouldn't be in the position to offer you a CrossFit NC as a place to go.  Our box is place of solitude, a home away from the daily grind and somewhere that will allow you to be you without fear.  Please just give it a try and remember, if your fear is holding you back then get honest with yourself or the other person and get it figured out so you can move on with a better life and a better you!

CrossFit and Pregnancy

For years pregnancy has been looked at as a handicap. 9 months out of your life where exercise and physical activity were recommended only within limits. Well good news for us, it is no longer 1960. We are free to continue with our active lifestyle. Now, I am NOT a DOCTOR nor do I claim expertise, I am only stating my personal experiences. Every pregnancy is different and there is so much controversy over lifting and exercising during pregnancy that it's hard to know what should and shouldn't be done.  I am currently on my third pregnancy and exercised during all three.  It wasn't until my 2nd pregnancy that I started CrossFit. With now having a few years under my belt I haven't felt stronger.   Here are a few DO’s and DO NOT’s I am currently using to get me through this pregnancy.

DO! Always and I mean ALWAYS listen to your body.  If we are in tune with our body we will know when we need to dump the bar, switch to step ups instead of box jumps, and stop handstand push-ups. For some reason being somewhat limited during pregnancy has always made me want to switch on BEAST MODE as soon as I’m released post baby.

DON’T let your ego get in the way. As we all know CrossFitters have a tendency to be competitive. Just like most of you out there I HATE losing and I want to be first to finish my 10 Rounds for Time.  BUT, the safety of my baby comes first so if I need to slow down I will, do I like it? NO! This too shall pass.

Don't feel guilty for satifying a craving here and there.  I recently PR'd on  my back squat and I give all the credit to those LifeSaver Jelly Beans I ate pre workout.  I had no intentions of getting a new PR during pregnancy but I listened to my body and added weight only when I felt it was right.  IF you crave the sweets just be smart with your timing.  There are some days I lift heavy so I don't feel AS guilty indulging in a post workout snack.

Coach Hannah Swim

Want to Train Hard Everyday?

CrossFit NC likes to push your training limits and shorten your recovery times as much as possible.  By practicing CrossFit Mobility pre and post workout as well as utilizing yoga programmed by ROMWOD we are providing you with all the tools necessary to be ready for whatever life can throw at you.

If you have any questions at all regarding mobility or how to better your recovery times please schedule a time with us to get an assessment of your Range of Motion (ROM) issues and how we can fix them.  The assessment and mobility plans only cost $45 and will greatly benefit you in your daily WOD's and life.

Fill out this form to schedule your appointment and watch the time lapse of Coach Paul going through today's ROMWOD!

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ROMWOD example for CrossFit NC Blog.

Standing Vs Sitting


For all of us that have a job that requires sitting either at a desk, a piece of machinery or in a car,we know how hard it can be to get moving for our workouts. Sitting is a culprit for tight and shortened hips, hamstrings and thoracic spine. Sitting also tends to turn off our glutes,which help us squat, pull, run and jump.

If we move from a sitting to a standing desk, it can have a profound, positive difference in how are bodies move. Not only can it improve posture, restore hip, hamstring and glute function, it has immediate return on investment to your health and fitness goals by increasing caloric burn.  See this poster from Varidesk on the number of calories that you can burn by switching to a standing desk.  Also check out this video from MobilityWOD about sitting.


CrossFit Open ...RX or Scaled

One of my favorite podcast and fitness website Barbell Shrugged sent out the following email today and I just wanted to share the text with you all. So the next time I give you a lighter weight or ask you to do something different, remember there is a reason! It's my job to make sure you accomplish the goal of the programming which will in turn help you accomplish your personal goals!  Read the email below.


This ever cross your mind about scaling a WOD? I hear it a lot. I’ve even said similar at times.  But why do so many of us have such a mentality towards scaling?

A little history lesson…

Back in 2013, CTP wrote a blog article called “How to Avoid Scaling All Your WODs: Why Going Rx is Preventing You From Going Rx”. It’s still up and if you’ve had stigma about scaling, you definitely should give it read when you get the chance.

In the article, CTP writes that by constantly trying to go “Rx” on a workout when you don’t have the skill or strength to do so is just hurting your ability to ever go Rx in the future.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you’re doing a WOD that calls for chest-to-bar pull-ups like in 16.1 and there’s no way in hell you can do them but you are so focused on “going Rx” that you try anyways but just end up flailing around on the bar looking an awkward dying fish trying to kip yet pretty much failing at it.

Sure you can get a little bit of satisfaction from being able to do a few reps of the Rx movement when you couldn’t before but this does you little good in the short or long term. By going Rx when you should be scaling:

  • You aren’t doing the workout with intensity as intended so your strength and conditioning may not improve
  • You’re opening yourself up to possible injury to your body and/or your self-esteem/self-respect.
  • You’re not practicing proper technique necessary to improve your skill at the movement.

Your wanting to go Rx and telling yourself you couldn’t respect yourself by not is your pride talking.

Bottom line: there’s nothing wrong with scaling. Scale to a level that’s challenging for you and don’t think twice about it.

It’s often necessary and a crucial part of the process of developing as an athlete. I’m not ashamed to admit I scaled (couldn’t do kipping pull-ups to save my life when I first started). As a weightlifter I scale all the time. I’ll most likely have to scale this year’s Open. Mostly everyone scaled at some point with the exception of a few folks. It’s how we all got better.

So don’t let pride get the better of you and make the mistakes that many make by trying to rush into Rx land. Use the time outside of the metcons to work on your weaknesses by doing the additional strength, skill and accessory work you know you need to do.

Paul's 8 Rules of CrossFit Box Etiquette

Rule 1: Put away your crap!

Seems obvious, but it's amazing how many times, as a coach, we are picking up plates, kettlebells, or bands on pull-up bars.  Do everyone a favor and take pride in your box by putting your gear away.

Rule 2: Don't drop the barbell when removing the plates!

Save your coach a nervous breakdown and remove your plates properly.  To do so, lift the barbell, slide your plates off and then place the barbell on the ground.  While they are durable and capable of being dropped from the air, this is only when they have proper bumper plates securely fastened.

Rule 3: If you've sweat, bled, or cried on equipment, CLEAN IT!

Besides the obvious cleanliness issue, it isn't a fun experience to grab a wall ball that is slick from the previous classes hard work.  Grab the paper towel and cleaning spray and take the 30 seconds to wipe down your equipment.  Your fellow athletes will thank you!

Rule 4: Don't be late.

Classes are run on a tight schedule and holding up a class is just not okay.  Burpee penalties are a norm for late attendance.  People pay good, hard earned money to attend classes and as coaches we want to make sure you get what you pay for!

Rule 5: Check IN / Sign Up For Class.

This applies for regular members and drop-ins.  Class availability may be limited in peak hours and we pay for Wodify for a reason.  Not only can you track your progress, it will ensure we have the proper amount of equipment and space for everyone to get the most of their time.

Rule 6: Pay attention when the coach is giving instructions.

No matter how long you've been doing CrossFit, it is disrespectful to be disruptive while the coach is outlying today's WOD.  You may how to do the movements, but the newer athletes may still be trying to figure things out.  If you pay attention and show the coach that you care to help, he may call on you for demos!

Rule 7: Respect an athletes space.

Safety, safety, safety!  When someone is working on establishing a new PR or working through a tough workout try to not walk close to them.  If they need to bail on the lift, it is possible to injure themselves and you if you are too close.  Also don't let your equipment move into another athlete's area.  Nothing worse than a barbell to trip over when you are already trying to get through your burpees.

Rule 8: Be kind and introduce yourself to newcomers.

As a coach, we will be introducing newcomers; but that is just the first step.  The most important aspect of the CrossFit box is community.  We create the environment to support and hold each other accountable.  Make sure the person feels welcome and unintimidated by the already intense new world of CrossFit.