Paul's 8 Rules of CrossFit Box Etiquette

Rule 1: Put away your crap!

Seems obvious, but it's amazing how many times, as a coach, we are picking up plates, kettlebells, or bands on pull-up bars.  Do everyone a favor and take pride in your box by putting your gear away.

Rule 2: Don't drop the barbell when removing the plates!

Save your coach a nervous breakdown and remove your plates properly.  To do so, lift the barbell, slide your plates off and then place the barbell on the ground.  While they are durable and capable of being dropped from the air, this is only when they have proper bumper plates securely fastened.

Rule 3: If you've sweat, bled, or cried on equipment, CLEAN IT!

Besides the obvious cleanliness issue, it isn't a fun experience to grab a wall ball that is slick from the previous classes hard work.  Grab the paper towel and cleaning spray and take the 30 seconds to wipe down your equipment.  Your fellow athletes will thank you!

Rule 4: Don't be late.

Classes are run on a tight schedule and holding up a class is just not okay.  Burpee penalties are a norm for late attendance.  People pay good, hard earned money to attend classes and as coaches we want to make sure you get what you pay for!

Rule 5: Check IN / Sign Up For Class.

This applies for regular members and drop-ins.  Class availability may be limited in peak hours and we pay for Wodify for a reason.  Not only can you track your progress, it will ensure we have the proper amount of equipment and space for everyone to get the most of their time.

Rule 6: Pay attention when the coach is giving instructions.

No matter how long you've been doing CrossFit, it is disrespectful to be disruptive while the coach is outlying today's WOD.  You may how to do the movements, but the newer athletes may still be trying to figure things out.  If you pay attention and show the coach that you care to help, he may call on you for demos!

Rule 7: Respect an athletes space.

Safety, safety, safety!  When someone is working on establishing a new PR or working through a tough workout try to not walk close to them.  If they need to bail on the lift, it is possible to injure themselves and you if you are too close.  Also don't let your equipment move into another athlete's area.  Nothing worse than a barbell to trip over when you are already trying to get through your burpees.

Rule 8: Be kind and introduce yourself to newcomers.

As a coach, we will be introducing newcomers; but that is just the first step.  The most important aspect of the CrossFit box is community.  We create the environment to support and hold each other accountable.  Make sure the person feels welcome and unintimidated by the already intense new world of CrossFit.