What to do After the CrossFit Open

Many of us are winding up the 2016 CrossFit Games Open and are wondering what we are going to focus on next.  Some of us found out that we need gymnastics, others just need to get stronger or more flexible.  That is the point of the open for the majority of athletes, expose their weeknesses and attack them.  This should be what determines your training goals for the following year.  Yes it is my job as your coach to have a well programmed CrossFit experience to keep everyone on track to reach their goals, however it is up to you as the athlete to make sure that you execute a game plan.  Below are my simple tips to a successful training year and a better 2017 CrossFit Open!

1. Figure out your training goals.

Whether the open helped identify them for you, or you sit down with a coach to determine your biggest weaknesses, establishing what you want to be better at will send you down a path towards achieving that goal.

2. Game Plan

Now that you have determined what your goals are you need to plan with your coach, what to do in your training year on top of the existing programming.  This stage is very important, but the next step is the most important of all!

3. Get to WORK!

The only way to improve is to WORK!  That means use your time in the gym wisely.  That may mean practicing DU's or Handstands on the side while everyone else chat's about their day.  Or it may mean spending time in the couch stretch position after every WOD for 8 minutes.  Your outcome will only be as good as your work you put into it!

We will also be participating in the 2016 Summer LuRong Living Paleo Challenge as an affiliate and hopefully sending teams to CrossFit Castlewood's Spring Throwdown

Just remember, we are here to help you be the best that you want to be.  If you think you need help figuring out what you should focus on, don't hesitate to contact us!

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