If you are scared to try anything learn to face that fear head on.  Many of don't do what we know is the best thing for us all because our fear of letting one of two things down, ourselves or others.  If that fear is with yourself then let it go!  Do not let fear hold you back from making the right decision or creating a better you.  If you are afraid to let someone else down, then it is time to have a discussion with that person.  Let them know what you will be taking on and give them a chance to support you through it.  Remember, at the end of the day it is YOU that is losing out because of this fear and not them.  

We hear so many people say that they are scared to try CrossFit.  I promise that it is not scary if you just give it a try.  If I let my fears control me then I wouldn't be in the position to offer you a CrossFit NC as a place to go.  Our box is place of solitude, a home away from the daily grind and somewhere that will allow you to be you without fear.  Please just give it a try and remember, if your fear is holding you back then get honest with yourself or the other person and get it figured out so you can move on with a better life and a better you!