CrossFit and Pregnancy

For years pregnancy has been looked at as a handicap. 9 months out of your life where exercise and physical activity were recommended only within limits. Well good news for us, it is no longer 1960. We are free to continue with our active lifestyle. Now, I am NOT a DOCTOR nor do I claim expertise, I am only stating my personal experiences. Every pregnancy is different and there is so much controversy over lifting and exercising during pregnancy that it's hard to know what should and shouldn't be done.  I am currently on my third pregnancy and exercised during all three.  It wasn't until my 2nd pregnancy that I started CrossFit. With now having a few years under my belt I haven't felt stronger.   Here are a few DO’s and DO NOT’s I am currently using to get me through this pregnancy.

DO! Always and I mean ALWAYS listen to your body.  If we are in tune with our body we will know when we need to dump the bar, switch to step ups instead of box jumps, and stop handstand push-ups. For some reason being somewhat limited during pregnancy has always made me want to switch on BEAST MODE as soon as I’m released post baby.

DON’T let your ego get in the way. As we all know CrossFitters have a tendency to be competitive. Just like most of you out there I HATE losing and I want to be first to finish my 10 Rounds for Time.  BUT, the safety of my baby comes first so if I need to slow down I will, do I like it? NO! This too shall pass.

Don't feel guilty for satifying a craving here and there.  I recently PR'd on  my back squat and I give all the credit to those LifeSaver Jelly Beans I ate pre workout.  I had no intentions of getting a new PR during pregnancy but I listened to my body and added weight only when I felt it was right.  IF you crave the sweets just be smart with your timing.  There are some days I lift heavy so I don't feel AS guilty indulging in a post workout snack.

Coach Hannah Swim