Your mobility is as important as your strength and endurance!

You trust us to provide you the most challenging workouts to push your strength and endurance to their potential, but sometimes with our busy schedules we forget to let our bodies completely recover from the stresses of the day and training.  That is why we are so happy and proud to announce that we are now an official ROMWOD affiliate.  Coaches Hannah and Paul have been using ROMWOD on a personal level for the past 3 months and are true believers in the outcome of programmed yoga and mobility.  As an affialiate we are allowed to use the daily ROMWOD routine in the box environment whenever it fits into the WOD schedule.  We look forward to you all joining us in this practice and if you feel like you would utilize it on a daily basis for yourself you are welcome to sign up through our affiliation and continue your fitness journey with us.  We hope you all utilize the tools we are providing with your membership!